Asda Smart Price Victoria Sponge


I bought this item a few days ago & only had the opportunity to make it, unfortunately I was not able to make a video out of it which it is the plan to do that soon. I eventually had a little time to make it yesterday.

To make it was very simple cause all I had to do was remove the contents of the sachet which was all the dry ingredients & then I measured out 6 tablespoons of water & one egg & the mixture was thinner then the receipe that I used from Merry Berry & maybe next time I will attempt to put it in 2 cases but one of the reasons I did not do that was cause I felt very flustered about Dad being there watching like the demon headmaster & the second reason was I am not sure that would have had enough for 2 anyway, cause I felt like I did not have enough time to get a pen & draw the circle’s but feel like I never seem to have enough time & cause if I downstairs it is always with suspicion from every other member of the family but more of that in another blog, anyway back to the cake I filled one I tried my best to level it out & then I baked it in the microwave for 5 minutes 30 seconds & the middle was higher then the rest of the cake as you can see p1020079but it cooked fine, cause as any baker will tell you, you get a toothpick & you stick it in the middle of the cake & if it comes out clean then you are good to go which mine was the color insidep1020080 was a bit weird  but apart from that no worries.


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