Storks movie review


I was not really looking to watch a movie, was just trying to find best places to streams & then happened to land on this site (Insert Link here to it) & then just clicked on the first film that I saw & that filmed happened to be called Storks & I looked at the time & it said that it was on less then 90 minutes & thought to myself that I might as well watch this movie.

I had a quick look at who was doing the voices for this animation movie & thought that I would give it a try to watch & then to my surprise it was not to bad. I should really tell you what the film is about before I give my final verdict on this film. The film centers on 2 main characters Junior who is a Stork & Tulip who is a pod baby, we discover that Tulip was supposed to delivered to her family but her pod was damaged by another Stork Jasper & she has been in cornerstone factory, where they used to deliver babies but no only deliver packages.

So now that Tulip is 18 the boss man has told Junior that Tulip needs to be fired but not used those words & then Junior tries to speak to her & tries to fire her, but then when she says it’s her birthday, he does not have the heart to fire her & then says that she can work in the letter sorting room & that she can never leave that room.

Back in the human world Nate a kid who’s parents are so busy with work completely ignore him & that is what makes him send a little to the stork factory requesting a baby boy & when Tulip receives that letter she tries to tell Junior about it & then she makes a mistake & puts the letter in the wrong tube, & out comes a baby.

The film centers on there adventures to get the baby to her new family & that is what makes it very interesting to way, I would not say that you would be laughing that much tat all but it definately kept my attention for the 1 hour 22 minutes of the film then you have to long credits about 6 minutes of credit, you need to watch it till the end cause the end is not what I was expecting.

I would give this movie 7 our of 10 cause I was kept stimulated by the movie & that is why I say check out the link above to be able to watch the movie. If you have any suggestions on movies from 2016 that you think I should watch then please let me know using my social media outlets listed below.

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