Me recording at the Olympic Park & Orbit

A few days ago I decided that I would go to the park to record some video for London Small Youtubers group & thought that the Olympic would be a good place to do the video’s. What I had not banked was that there would be a load of fog & it did not just burn away but was still there after midday, did manage to get good video clips there.

I then went to different locations around the park to film parts of the introductory video fro London Small YouTubers & only realised when I got home that I might have to some of them again but it was fun going around the park & discovering new things in the park like the mini little bridge & then what I recorded here will go on to my YouTube channel

I thought as I have my camera, I thought to myself that as I have already recorded one Orienteering video, I might as well record another one & this time I was thinking I know what the course from trying to video me doing it last week & it not exactly go to plan but anyway I recorded the route you need to take, the almost last part I had to re record the footage as when I saw it I knew that it went wrong & managed to do & it will be up on my YouTube channel in not to long of a time.


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