My room nice & Organised

I sometimes think that I might possibly have O.C.D, but the thing is it is way more stressful if you are in a panic because you can not find your things.

I believe it was last week & I had not played the wii for quite a few weeks & was tidying my room which I do everyday, but I thought there is no point in me just cleaning my room I have to make sure that I have to practice what I say, everything has it’s place & everything in it’s place, basically meaning that everything you own has a place that it has to be, so then you won’t be panicking & thinking like me last week oh holy crap I might have to look to get a new wii remote & then not just getting that but also I would have to get the accesories for it like a charger & stuff like this if I did not want to use batteries.

So what I did next was I read the article on the website WIKIHOW you should definately check that out cause it is a very good website & I used that site to make sure that I found my wii remote & that it when I made sure that I put things in their correct place & made sure now that when I am finished using that particular item is put back where it is supposed to go as your can see from the photo’s below



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