Me Orienteering in the Olympic Park

Olympic park.jpg

A few days ago after my Sycologist appointment I decided that I would do a vlog of me in the Olympic park attempting doing some orienteering. I first went to the info point to pick up a map showing me where each marker point would be, I was then on my way.

A few weeks back I had done some park champion volunteering where we had to sit down  & have a little lecture on how to do orienteering properly which was useful information. I decided that as this was the first time that I would be doing this activity that I would decided to do the same thing we had done at the training.

I decided that I would record myself doing it after making a little hash at the start & had to kind of start again & I had a few issues holding the camera got tired & had to star & stop a lot of times not just because my camera can only record 15 minutes at a time, but also when I was doing some of the stairs which would have made it shorter we closed & had to go the long way round which I know that I can edit which will require a lot of editing but that video should be up this Saturday, but apart from that I think that I am going to try it again & make that into a little mini series discovering the Olympic park, orienteering.


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