Unexpected stuff at Mobile Garden City


Yesterday I went to the Mobile Garden City & was only planning to spend a little time in the garden & was not planning to spend as long as I did, cause I got there around just &before half 11 & Gabby was preparing for the workshop & I was not feeling in the mood to do it, cause I was the only one there & did not fancy doing the workshop, cause I feel uneasy using my camera cause she is paranoid about something & on this Saturday I will be able to write fully & as it will be 3 months until there is any possibility of me seeing Groundwork London if I ever see them, but let me get back.

I was helping to remove the plants in the metal frames & when I could not see Gabby I thought I can’t go home quite yet as I had only been there for 30 minutes. It was then Ben & Tom & then we mad good progress with the garden & it was very nice chatting to both of them & the time went quite fast, but the pain was that my phone had died out so if they had not come & maybe if would not then ask Gabby the time I would be for almost 5 hours which would have been ridiculous. So let me get back & was talking to Ben & he said that he had followed me on Instagram & I asked him what his name of Instagram was & he told me & that was great, having that connection.

I got home & a few hours l went onto my Instagram & first had a look at his photo’s & he was right about saying that nearly all his photo’s are food related & then I started following him back.


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