Together Festival at Stratford Town Hall

imagesA little while back I thought that I would sign up to this Disability Film Program & I thought this would be a good thing & I was going to do both days but had other things I had to do. I this time was very happy with how I managed to time management cause I was meant to get there at 4pm & I left home around just after half 3 & then got there around 10 2 4 & that even included me helping a person looking for the better gym.

When I got there the previous volunteer was in the process of leaving & then I started my shift & then when I arrived there was a election going for some Romanian thing which I did not bother to ask about & then there was not that much for me to do there & then I was told to go near the front to make sure to help people coming for the together festival & then I was there for around an hour or so & then went back & helped people fill out a form & then some did not want to, which is absolutely fine & then I did meet this guy who was a good guy & had little talking with the other people helping out at the event & that was O.K but it was guite boring & it is most likely that I would not do this event again cause it was quite boring.


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