Meeting with East London Radio


I knew since Monday that I would be meeting Nadia from East London Radio which I was super excited about, which I know that it would be good for my Vlog.

I left home with what I expected would be enough time to get to the radio station in east London but realised that when I got home I took the longer route which I thought would be better but it was not. I got to the cafe all you read is love & then I was a little late cause I had cause it was not a quicker route & then I asked the lady at the counter for the place she told me that it was next door near the alley & at first I could not see it, then I banged on the window & somebody saw me & then I managed to get in.

When I got in now I wish I was early could have taken a photo, but anyway I got in & said that I had an meeting with Nadia & she said hat was her. There was a guy sitting opposite & then he was there for a few minutes & then he left & then I was talking a bit & then at that point I was going to say about LBC days & then this other guy, comes late & then I believe it was around 45-50 minute chat about the different shows that already take place & about shows that already take place & possible new shows, I talked about what stuff would be needed help with & it definately gave me ideas for shows I might want to do. I am happy to help out anyday or time the more busier I am the better


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