Maryland (Forest Gate) Christmas Lights

I signed up to this volunteering opportunity  about a week ago, cause I thought to myself that it would be a good opportunity to try something different & that thing would be good for my vlog. When early last week on Monday I got an email confirming the time & the place it was around 10 minutes from my house & it was only for an hour & a half which I thought was a sweet deal as it also said that I would get light refreshments.

So on to the day or night itself, I was running a little late left home around quarter to 5 & then luckily enough I managed to get their on time & was there at 5pm & I don’t have to say but I am going to say that the person was nice, allowed me to keep my jacket & my other stuff on, my task was to make sure to hand the flyers to let people know what was happening & there were some people who did not want that & I would make a little remark but they were long gone & could not hear me, even though I wanted them to hear my comments like just say No (Zamo). I managed to take some good photo’s & quite a few video’s that I even managed to record myself, that will be on my YouTube channel the link will be at the bottom of this blog. I also had some apple juice & some nice sweets & it was nice just chatting to people there which was on of the reason’s that I feel that I need to volunteer more, cause that I feel will help me with my time management & also be able to feel more confident to approach people & that is why I will do a a weekly vlog on my channel.

My YouTube channel


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