Orienteering at The Olympic Park

I signed up to this opportunity a few weeks back & was very excited about this volunteering opportunity. I was going to also volunteer with the conservation volunteers but decided against it.

So on to the day I thought that I had enough time to get ready & get to the podium which was the venue that the park champions had to meet at. I decided that I should wear my park champions gear, along with a jacket cause I knew that it would be cold. I left home around 25 2 1 & then got to the information point at around 10 2 1 & then the people coming out of the information point saw me wearing the park champions clothes & said are you doing the orienteering which I said yes to, I don’t think they would have asked me anything if I was not identified as a park champion.

We got into a room on the side of the podium cafe & then waited for around 5 or so minutes before the presentation took place, which was showing all the different orienteering courses in the park & explaining how to go about it which took just over 35 minutes. We then were split into pairs, but as there were odd number people I had to go with the guy Tim who gave the presentation.

We then walked out of the podium cafe & made our way to the start which was next to the copper box & then I found it very fun so this has given a new way of going in the peark & exploring it, I filmed quite a bit of the session which will be good for my vlog channel & it took us on hour or so & it was very good. This was something different that I do cause I don’t really get out of the house & this kind of thing would definately get me out of the house. I would say that if you are in the park then definately go to the info point & collect a map & take part in this fantastic opportunity to try a new sport that you can do at whatever speed you want.


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