Mobile Garden City Usergroup Meeting

This past Saturday was the monthly usergroup meeting with a difference as this was the final meeting of the year it was more of a party atmosphere which was nice but in a way it was a little upsetting cause apart from a couple of guys who can’t make the place cause for one of them is only come to the garden in the last 3 weeks & the other guy lives in Ilford to far away.

I had baked a victoria sponge cake as you can see used the English Merrigolds (picture), it was good day as you can see from the Facebook page the link to the page is on the word Facebook. We attempted to make popcorn which as you will be able to see from the video did not quite work, but had better success with the beetroot & the orka which both tasted very nice it was very nice to meet new people that came to the garden for the first time Tom’s guest Sarah & a bit later on this Mexican guy called Aldo played a bit of different games including Giant Jenga & frisbee as you can see from the photo’s below

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& also check out the Facebook page.

It was very fun meeting the different people & that is one of the main reasons I go to the garden & can now EXCLUSIVELY tell you that the new site will be behind the Copper Box which will open in March follow on twitter @ysrmahmood & on Facebook @ysrmahmood.9


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