London Small Youtubers

I had decided the day before that I would go to the LSY Ducks in a row workshop cause for a few days before that I was thinking that I would not go & then I decided after I had seen on my oyster card that I had £1.20 on my oyster card that all I would have to do would be to put £5 & that would be enough. I ran late cause I came back from the Mobile Garden City user group meeting & then I left my home around 2.15 & got to Leyton Station & the train came almost immediately as I got on to the platform, I then had to change at Liverpool & then got the hamersmith & city line to Euston Square & then I got out of the station no problem not very disability friendly & then when I got there I felt that it would be easy for me to get there how wrong could I be & then I tried to use the map & that was not helping. I asked a person first where that was & the first people could not help me & then I asked & they were very helpful got out there google maps on their phone & told me what the street was & that was nice.

I got where I thought it was from me seeing people outside & recognised people there & then there were a few people waiting which was nice & then when I got in there I was saying to the guy who took the photo that it was slightly tricky to find the place & he was saying that I was not the first person to say that & then after about a five minute wait we started the workshop I started O.K but then very quickly fell behind but feel that I got a lot of information from the workshop & I may include the bits that I recorded in my weekly vlog that I have decided to run it weekly & that means that I can implement the ideas from the workshop & potentially work together in some way.


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