East London Radio & London Small Time YouTubers


I had been long time to hear back from East London Radio about volunteering there at least a number of months & then there was a new head of volunteers & the thing was that I emailed a few times to ask about it, & everytime I was told that I was on the waiting list & I be honest here I was not expecting any response cause I had not got a response for months now. So it was a surprise when at the beginning of the month I got an email from east london radio saying for me to respond to 4 questions about to ask if I was still interested in volunteering & I emailed her Nadia is her name the next day. I email a few times after that to make sure that the person received my email saying that I want to volunteer at east london radio. I then checked my email yesterday & saw an email from them saying that can you come on the 1oth December which reminds me I have to email them back to confirm that I can make that time.


I was on the internet a few days ago looking for youtubers based in england & in especially London & then luckily I found a group on Facebook called London Small Youtubers & put a request to join the group, I did not hear anything & then was starting to feel a bit down by it, was thinking to myself oh god, something else that I was hopeful about has not worked, it can be the hope that can be the real problem. I then contacted the two admins of the page to ask them about that & then I got messages back from them & then I responded back & put a friend request for both of the people & so far one has accepted my friend request & was having a bit of nice chat with them which was nice & hopefully things will go well will hopefully be able to grow my youtube channels & do some very nice collaborations.


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