Why I feel like a failure


I have felt like this for a while now being brutally honest I feel that everything I try it just fails & people don’t know I exist. Quite a lot of the time I feel like what is the point in me doing things that feeling without failure I will get everyday like clockwork that is why I feel in my own mind that I have to do volunteering that is why for next week I have signed up to two volunteering opportunities which will hopefully build me up more then I am at the moment.

I am really trying to get my business properly launched but I feel that how the heck do I even get noticed when people hate me or definately dislike me, I am hoping by joining groups online that will help me not just online but what I really need is help offline & that is why I have asked to join London Small Youtubers and that is a way to promote my youtube channels & meet new people here is hoping but in the back of my mind it does not feel like it will happen, also nearly 3 or so weeks ago I got an email from East London Radio asking me if I was still interested in volunteering & I emailed back the next day & am still waiting which I have to be honest is really upsetting me, cause they think that I am not interested & may have to send them another email which I don’t really want to cause that may seem like I am badgering them, which I am not well I don’t feel that I am doing that but they may feel different to that, but I just need a chance to show what I can do so people please give me that chance.


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