My time at the Mobile Garden City

I went to the Mobile Garden City in the afternoon just around 2pm & then I saw Anu there & I do absolute hate people who ask that & I saved that thing on twitter talking about that & that is why I don’t ask people how they are. Anyway I was looking for Gabby but she must have gone for lunch & I saw him & his showing me the plans for the new place behind the copperbox which they are going to move into next year. I had a look at the plans looked ok nice & then I had a bit of  go at drawing & then it was nice chatting to him.

It then was not brilliant when this other guy came in afterwards Anu mentioned his name but not sure Rahu or something like that & then he provided a bit of stuff like biscuits & trying to force them on me, just saying go on so many times that it was starting to really piss me of, I was thinking come on leave & then he was doing the same with the tea.

I then left the pollytunnel for a few seconds & he was like where the hell do you think you are going, cause he was thinking that I was telling Gabby that he was here which was not the plan was to get away from his done & he really angers me, constently doing that which I am trying to be calm which I thought I was but really hate that & this was the only place that I could write about this, after making some notes on piece of paper to remind myself to write about this later. I just found that very hard cause that was giving me a headache and I feel that I will have to say to Anu that I enjoy us chatting but there is one thing that I hate which is people asking me how I am, because I hate people asking me that, & that is why as I long as I shall live I will not say that to people, definately if they say they do not like it then I will definately won’t, so please don’t ask me.


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