I hate my Family


I have been thinking about writing this for a while now if I am being totally honest & it does not matter what I write here it is not like they are going to read it or that  they even care.

I have decided that the only choice I have is to avoid them & make sure that I speak only when I need to & make sure that I have a script that I need to use to help myself get on topic. The easiest thing for them to do is to say that I am lazy & in my room, half of that is correct that I am in my room, but the reason for that is that is the only place that I feel safe in. Instead of them always having a go at me, they could help me but as I was saying I know that they don’t want  me to be successful cause that would not allow them to lord it over me, which I know that they like.

I know why they have a go at me, it is because it deflects from them, cause they don’t want to look at what they are doing but having a go at me. I know that I do that but have not said that, I know what I have to do, they want me to eat a lot & become like that but I won’t only if I stick to my plan that is not for here, I know that what will really piss them of is that I get myself in good shape & then they will have egg on their face, rather then in their mouths were they like it. I know that what I have to do for my own self preservation is make sure that I have everything that I need & get all those stuff in the late night then I don’t have to go downstairs regularly.


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