UK WallBall @Chobham Manor

On this past Friday I was quite excited about volunteering as a park champion for two reasons, one was that the place I was going to volunteer at was very close to my house & the second reason I was excited about it was that I was told that I would be involved in the phtography & video stuff so I was really excited got there with around 5 minutes before 10, there was no danger that I was going to be late.

There was a lot of confusion & the guy who was supposed to be our team leader did not really know what was going on, cause I stated in my numerous emails what role I wanted to do & in the email from the volunteers team was told that the team leader would make sure that happens but he had no idea what the heck was happening and then I was flipping forced just to be basically a melon standing around not doing much they said more to another section but I was where I was & was not going to move, cause none of this is what I signed up to & I will be leaving feedback & writing a strongly worded email expressing my dissatisfaction with what happened & nobody on the day from UK Wallball had any idea what the heck was happening the people were nice but that does not stop me from the way I feel I used their video they put up & took their audio out & put mine click on the link below to see the video I improved



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