Beat the Drum


On Monday 3rd October I went to the Copper Box Arena in the olympic park for the world record attempt for the largest drumming lesson class in the world. It took me longer then I was intending it for me to take to get ready & then fortunately was only a few minutes or so which was not a problem cause then I was given the information that I needed & then had to wait around half an hour or so until the main briefing. We then had our lunch which was not very good & then I had to get to my entrance to make sure that I had to greet the member of staff of school to make sure that the numbers that they submitted where the actual number of people that actually showed up.

I then showed them to their seats & then it was quite a long time until anything happened then this incompetent person from Street Kids thing was firstly asking a person from the school that I had shown where the other school had to sit which I have to be honest I thought was very stupid then he asked me & what I felt like saying was go away, but I knew that would not look good so I helped the other school get into position, because I got more people then what I was given & then I handed out the wrist bands & then had to give green & silver ones which I lost count & then at the end when he the guy from guiness world records said to check I thought it was 99, but actually it was 80 but I only discovered this in the evening when I was unclearing my bag & saw 30 silver wristbands that I still had in my pocket, but I don’t think that it mattered cause they would have included as the record attempt the lowest of the two totals what if mine was included in the total that was used in the world record, which then I may have corrupted the results which the kids & the school won’t know about.


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