Four Nations Rugby League London


On Sunday was the day that I had signed up to volunteer at the rugby league 4 nations tournanment that was happening at the Olympic Stadium in London. If I had not emailed Adele the volunteer manager saying to her that I know that I am not receiving all the volunteering opportunites, especially these kind of ones, cause most of the volunteering I have done as a park champion (those are people who volunteer with the Olympic park in London) have been events. So then what happened was that I got an email with this opportunity as well as other good ones that I am excited to do, will speak about those in another blog.

So let me talk about my time volunteering at the Olympic Park, this was the first time I volunteered in the Olympic Stadium but not the first timeĀ that I had volunteered in the park itself, so the day I would say did not start of that great cause I was running late & then when I got to outside the stadium I could not find where to go & then luckily I had a head of security person & they showed me where to go & then found the place quite easily & the person who checked me in after the security people had checked my bag & the person as I said was very nice & then I introduced myself to a few people & then there was quite a long walk underneath the stadium to what appeared to be a indoor running track & then 2 guys were giving kind of what you would call speeches & then we went into our assigned room & then we were put into groups & then we were all assigned our different areas & then I was this guy who volunteers in the park, but comes all the way from Heathrow & then I managed to take some nice photo’s, it was nice to chat to the other guy but our role was redundant cause we were there but nobody needed our help, maybe cause I only had my lanyard on.

Then it was time for our lunch around 1.30 was not planning to have anything to eat, cause was only planning to go to the toilet & then back to my post but first got lost & then I knew there would not be enough time, so what I did was I had a mars bar & then what most people were waiting for was the tickets & that was a little bit of a farce when they did not seem to have a clue about the tickets & then we eventually managed to get our tickers & they were fantastic seats cause they were in the corner & I was entering where my seat was just as England kicked the first 2 points of the match & then the people I was talking arrived another 10 minutes later & it was enjoyable to watch, even though some people the wrong team won, photo’s below, something weird I heard afterwards from Australians they were saying not bad for a bunch of convicts which is that not offensive, but the match was one of the reasons I volunteered for this opportunity was meeting people, & getting good footage of the rugby league which was the first time I had watched live rugby league, actually being in the stadium & you can really see the skill of the players which was amazing & if any other sporting volunteering opportunites arise & they offer free tickets they I will definitely consider doing it.

more photo’s on my Facebook page



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