Why I volunteer?

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about this question since I have been a Park Champion since about June time. I have mainly been volunteering at events like Big One’s like Ride London, & the bang the drum event & they were O.K to do but felt like you could not chat to people it was to hecktick  and I did not get an opportunity to get other people’s details so we could stay in touch.

The main reason that I volunteer or help out at different places is cause is to meet people and about a month ago I decided to volunteer with groundwork london, our park & our park champions & when I was there I met Karen who I had first met at the Harvest Stomp back in September & then we were talking I was wondering why she was asking my surname & then shortly afterwards it become clear, the reason for that was that she requested to be my friend on Facebook and for me that hopefully can chat to that person & feel that I may have made a friend there. I like to help out at different places cause it gives me an opportunity to talk to people & develop my interpersonal skills which I need to know, learn the stuff online & then need to practice, so that is what I have to do learn how to put that to practice. I feel the more I do the better I will become at not volunteering but engaging with people like I have a few planned for this week I helped out today at the Four Nations Rugby at the Olympic Park full blog post up tomorrow morning & Wallball event at Chobham Manor which is so go for me as I only live 5 minutes from there.


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