Freedom of Speech


I have felt this for a very long time now that we have never & never will have freedom of speech. This is due to the fact that no matter what you say, somebody will always be offended either for themselves or on behalf or someone or some group else.

That is why I have said this a few times about the fact that if you don’t have something like Penzu the online journal you don’t have anywhere where you can truly express the way you feel.. This is something that for as long as I can remember has not just annoyed but frustrated me, one of the biggest things for me is the question people ask, enquiring about your health, let me tell you why I hate being asked that question & why I will never ask that question myself or I will shoot myself is because some people may think that is rude  to give an honest answer, but they never come out & say that they don’t say nothing & they expect you to be a bliming mind reader which I hate, also I was speaking to someone about this exact point & they were telling me that it is the social accepted answer to give.

I hate the fact that I just have to give answers that people want & that are truly what I think & maybe it is something that Eve said at the cardboard thing it matters who you are spending time with which I do think makes a massive difference, cause a few w eeks back I was at the Mobile Garden City volunteering & there was this person that I had met a few weeks earlier at the Harvest Stomp & then again at the park champions party & I felt that was a very nice conversation we had were she did not ask me how I was doing cause I think that would have to be the question that I hate the most.

The final thing I want to talk about is Britain leaving (Europe), I don’t remember us moving continents. I feel that I when I have been listening to the radio & they have been discussing Britain leaving the single market they talk about the doom & gloom but nobody knows what is going to happen & when they keep talking like that then it more chance of it happening & both sides were counter arguing each & every point so nobody knows what will happen & so I feel like I would get verbally assulted if I said to people how I voted, for the point of this blog I voted to leave & not because of what the remain people are saying that I am a racist which I am not. The reason I voted this way was that I received the information & read & decided to vote to leave the single market, that we would be in a better position to negotiate our own trade deals.


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