Park Champions at the Mobile Garden City

On Saturday morning I was not sure wheather or not I would go there cause I would not say that I got up late or anything but it took me longer then I had expected to get ready. I eventually did get ready & realised that I would not be able to get to Timber Lodge in the Olympic Park. I therefor decided that I would go straight to the Mobile Garden City which is opposite Chobham Manor Sports Academy.

I managed to get there about 10 past 10 I think it was & then a few minutes later about probably half a dozen of them came with a couple of Groundwork London Staff. It was a little weird cause I had met Janelle before but not the other guy Chris. Before we started I guess because of all that Health & Safety mumbo jumbo, we had to wear steel cap boots which I have to say I did not like cause of the laces to long & then we were also give high visibility jackets & then at that precise moment I thought to myself maybe I should have  brought my own high visibility jacket.

As you can see from the photo’s below we were fed well no complaints with that & we had to cur the grass down we had to put linseed oil around the beds which I have to say that the process of cutting the grass down is called sything & at first I found it very difficult cause I felt that no matter how much effort I put into cutting it did not properly work & then when I was given a left handed one it seemed to be much sharper & it felt much easier to do. During lunch which I did not have cause the mid morning break that we had was sufficient for me in terms of food. I had a chance to speak to Karen and it was nice talking to her & then in the afternoon we covered the wood around the beds with Linseed oil & then that was a nice time.

I can’t remember Karen following me on Twitter or me even following her but I got a friend request from both her & Chris (who I met 2 years ago) on Facebook which was nice. Hope your like the photo’s


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