Cornerstone Free Performing Arts Day

I saw the ad that was posted on Streetlife & I saw this a few days ago & it definately sounded interested & then I thought I might as well email to say that I would like to book onto a workshop & then was thinking about which one I should do & then I finally decided that I would like to take part in the Ukulele Workshop 2pm- 4pm. I emailed the manager saying that I would like to attend this workshop & then I got an email back from her saying yes there was space.

So yesterday I got there just before 2pm which was a bit of a hasty thing cause I went later then I should have gone but fortunately they had not quite started all the workshops & then we went into a room & we learnt 3 songs Blue Suede Shoes, ilko something & You are my Sunshine & then got it good learnt some of the cords managed to do well I thought & it was good we had 2 hours almost it was & then had a good session. I then came home for a bit & then left home around 6.10.

I got there just before 7 & that was enough time to practice a little bit & then after one performance we were the second people to perform & it felt a little bit difficult cause it felt hot on stage. I could only manage to play 2 out of the three notes cause my fingers were feeling sweaty but it was good & then we played 3 songs & then I should say that before us there was the children making there instruments who went before us & after us, were a the E17 Ukulele performers & then after them they had a dance performance & after singing group & then the performances finished just after 8.30. It was then then time for refreshments & I had a nice time chatting to people & then I left there around 9 & got home just before 10.


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