Celebration Event at the Podium Cafe

A couple of days ago in the afternoon to be more precise I went to to the Olympic Park to the Arcelor Mittal Orbit where a few weeks ago I put my name down, never expecting to be given a chance to win the chance to go down the slide & even 30 minutes before I was supposed to get there before my time I was still questioning it a lot & then I got there just after 3.30 & then I went to the lift to get to the first floor & then who should I met but only Meg & Jo & then I let Meg go first cause just cause I wanted to do that which was O.K. I then had my go & at the start it is quite a struggle to get going but after about a few seconds it was O.K & then it went fast & then I must of hit myself on the side quite hard & then did not realise how bad it was until I thought to myself what is that pain & then I saw latter on when I thought this is painful that I saw that I got a small cut nothing to bad but it was nothing major but I only thought about it now was when the manager came & spoke to me  he said that let us go in the spare lift that was cause he probably did not want the bad press but apart from that it was good. Read below about the Park Champions Celebration Event.

I got home & then did not have that much time & then went to the park champions celebration event & when I got there & thought at first I don’t see anybody that I know that I was thinking I will spend about 30 minutes & then I will leave & then I started talking to people & as the evening progressed met more people & saw Karen thanks to her name badge cause I always forget to ask people there name that is something that I have to do & then it was good as you can see from the photo’s below.



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