Me helping R-Urbun at Mobile Garden City


On Saturday morning like every morning I was running late like I am normally but eventually managed to get to the Mobile Garden City just after 10 & then had a good meeting which did last over an hour & then I had a quick look at what they were doing & on Saturday I was just looking to see what was going on but the plan I was thinking was to go the next day & to help out then.

So Sunday comes & before I head to the garden I have a few things to do before that i.e get  some essentials & then I went to the garden & as the previous day I watered the polly tunnel & this time around I got help with that bit from the students from the Sheffield University to water that & then I am not good at all at introducing myself & then introduced me to Zac & Daniel who I helped get stuff for the lunch & then I had a go at sawing the wood & then after that I cut my  first ever piece of wood & the first one was difficult but managed to get to grips with it & then I would have liked to do more, but what I did after that was making sure that making sure I got the screws & stuff & then helping to clear things up which I said at the beginning that I was good at I think that when they do it again I will go, but this time I will make sure that I manage the time better & start & stop stratgey.


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