Harvest Stomp

Yesterday was the annual Harvest Stomp at the Olympic Park (home of the 2012 Olympics). If I have been volunteering at the Mobile Garden City & then I found out about the Cream of the Crop competition.

It started the process for me on Friday when I baked my Victoria Sponge at Play, Sow & Grow (Community Links), a huge thank you to Candy the manager there, I went there & did not really know what to expect cause I had only been there one time & then when I got there, I felt a bit shy to ask for any help when I probably should have asked for more, because I was using the silicone moulds & I thought to myself that I would not need to cover the base with anything cause it would not stick & they baked well, but I know for next time I will put butter on the bottom & put grease proof paper in as well. The next day I made the buttercream icing & then when I was moving it, it broke a bit but managed to recover it with the buttercream Icing & then inside the cake I put some homemade jam that I had made & it was not great but ok.

Then come yesterday I first went and gave in my cake & then later I gave in my photographs & my jam & then there were a lot of things happening as you can see from the picture montage below & then I can’t believe I won in the bake challenge came second never the less good & then had some free food, & then I was chatting to the people who looking at the cakes & they were nice about my cake & then I met Chris from the Raise your game training thing we were doing & then had a good chat with him & the person who made the chocolate cake.

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