Beach East

I don’t know if anyone has been to Beach East on the Statford waterfront but if you pay by card you have to pay £5 & then they say that everytime you enter you have to keep paying an entry fee, the communication I have had with Beach East has been patchy at best. What I can’t understand is that not that everytime I go in I have to pay but when you pay by card that you have to pay £5 & how many people nowadays carry cash with them.

I feel that I may have to go cause I know that will be £2 or 3 pound more but then if I don’t use it then I may as well have chucked away £5 unfortunately I did not manage to go & so that means that I can now went my spleen with them, cause I went not this Friday but the Friday previously I did not want to go on any of the rides or anything like that, all I wanted to do was try some of the beach cricket & the volleyball which was a complete disaster cause I felt that I was forced to pay cause I felt that I was made to pay £5 & then did not & still don’t really understand what that meant on the ticket it said one voucher one ride but when I got in there it said a different number of tokens for different rides in hindsight I should have asked more about that, & to be honest that was completely my fault I was a complete idiot for not checking that they were a bit helpful & then I feel that they might have got a bit peed of when they said everything is explained on the ticket, but I know now that I should have asked at the venue the fist time I went


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