Cycling & Mobile Garden City


I got up & out of bed surprisingly early for me at around 8.30 cause my intention was to go to the view tube & have my first cycling lesson. I therefore left just before 9 & then I thought that I was quite near at around 9.30 & then walked a lot & then around 10 2 10 when I knew that it was hopeless to get there & even if I did find it it would be way to late & then I got home just before 11 & then I thought that I should at least email him to explain to him about the situation.

I was going to try the rowing activity thing but my legs felt like they were killing me which was very painful & then I decided that I would make some donuts in my donut maker small ones & then I went there first & handed them the donuts. I then went home & returned a few hours later & they did not touch them maybe it is similar to the lemondade that took them ages to have, hopefully was trying to be helpful & the thing was that I was trying to be helpful & will give it time & if not then I really don’t how much time I will spend there in the garden on the monday’s, wednesday’s or friday’s I don’t may still harvest who knows what will happen, cause I feel that I am not an official groundwork london volunteer I may still be gagged but that is why I feel that my only option is Penzu.

When I did go later we managed to harvest some sweetcorn which was nice photo’s below my mum was right on that left them a little to long if & when I go back I will mention that or I could email her but that may be as fruitless as that cause what does it actually mean when someone says they check something everyday (@)




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