Me playing Wallball

I normally go on a tuesday to cardio tennis in victory park very close to the international station & thought about going there & if I was able to get for the 12pm start time then I may well have done that. But because I left home later then I was planning I booked & then pretty much straight afterwards I decided that when I looked at the time I realised that I would not have time to do that.

I used a bit of of google to help me get there & got there I am not exactly sure what time I got there & then saw the wallPTDC0095.JPG

and thought that it definately reminded me of a game that used to play in secondary school called slapball. The game is more similar to squash cause as you can see you have a very simple court & the aim of the game like squash that you have to serve by the ball hitting the ground & then you have to hit the wall as you can see & bounce past a line & then you get 2 chances & then each team of two gets one serve each & then it was good, but the only issue was that the ball kept going over but I will help with that cause I will get the clipper thing that you use to pick up rubbish which I will help them with on thursday which is not advertised anywhere & I will definately be going there this thursday 2 till 4pm




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