Tennis at Chobham Manor

I found out about the tennis when a few weeks back I went to the East Village Sports Day & found out about it. I have now been going for a couple of weeks & I have enjoyed it. I feel that I am getting better just after a couple of weeks & this really helps me & then I was speaking to some people like Tasha & we were talking about how good it is that we have something like that right on our doorsteps & people did not even know that it was even happening.

The session I thought was a bit weird due to the fact that not just because when I got there was only one other guy (Pedro) & then this other guy came & then I had to do as the week do two laps, but this definately felt longer, we then most of us were in one group apart from the other guy Addie who clearly did not seem to be more then a beginner & then him & this guy jaques were there I know that next week which at the moment will be the last one & I have to ask him that, & I would have asked him this week but I got there to last 9.36, next week I have to be there, ready & waiting before 9am at least 5 to 10 minutes before 9am.

The session itself was good cause did a few different excercises where did some forehand, backhand drills & then we did this team game where we had to hit the ball within the service box directly in front of it, my hitting the ball was good, not as good as I want it to be but I felt that it was better then last week, cause this week I hit the cone & unfortunately I hit the guy on the head with the ball, but apart from that it was good.

I only


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