Me helping out at the Mobile Garden City & Body Shop now go

I want to make sure that I try to write in this blog if I can everyday. Today I got up with a bit of a rush having a quick face wash & then I had to go to the Doctors & then I thought that I would try to see if the offer from the body shop was still available. I got there & had to have a quick wait while the person on the cashier point was dealing with a customer & then I spoke to the lady & at first it looked like it was all go & then maybe because I said not sure if the offer is still available & then she spoke to her other staff member & they said no & now thinking to myself that if I did not say anything then maybe it would have happened.

In the afternoon I decided after looking online & trying to find screw cap jars & could not really find any & then I decided that I would go to the Poundland store in Stratford the one that used to be a 99p store, I saw a pack of two 1l containers that I had not seen in the Leyton branch, but one of the things that I did pick was the 2 pack containers that had screw tops is what my mum said & also got 3 small little containers which are good.

Coming back from there I thought let me have a little pop into the Mobile Garden City & at first was not really sure if & for how long I would be helping out for & then I was asked if I wanted to help & I said that I would like to do a small, to medium job & was going to help out with the flax seeds & then she said that I could finish of the chick peas & then I did that for around only managed one bed, but that was cause I had a bit of a break in between doing that, but it was good & the thing that I like is that people don’t ask me how I am I have had a lot of time to prepare & my answer would be like a yo-yo.


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