Back to Exercise with Our Parks


I wanted to give Back to Exercise another go cause I tried a while ago & that is when as I said a few weeks back to someone else that I was doing another exercise & that is why for a long time I didn’t do it cause I was angry.

I got there a few minutes late & thought to myself oh crap it takes to long to get from the Timber lodge which is about I should know is 10 minutes from my house & then I was waiting & nothing was happening then I saw to females sitting & I was not sure if they were waiting for the class & then I heard one of them saying that they would give it until 10 past the hour & then I jumped in & said are you waiting for the class & then a few moments later another guy came & then I saw someone walking towards where we were sitting next to the orbit & was thinking to myself that is just someone who is going past. It was the instructor & it was nice that she explained that she was late because of the train.

We started with some nice warm ups but I was sweating quite a lot after them & can’t quite remember what was in them then we did some cardio workout circuits, which included side & front stretches, running & jumping jacks then we did some strength circuits, which were mountain trailers, plank, half press ups & with cross legs, & leg stretch leg in the air she did not know the name maybe that is something I need to look into. We then did this two races where the first one it was a relay, both were, but the first exercise was that had to run to the first cone & do 5 jumping jacks & then tag your teammate, that was the first time the second had to run to the top where the cone was & do 5 situps & then do the samte thing. As the last exercise we did was running in a circle  then following commands like switch direction, touch your hand on the flour, jump in the air & then we did the cool down, the only issue I would have was that it was 45 minutes but saying that it definately felt like an hour.


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