Harvesting Chick Peas at Mobile Garden City


I went to the Mobile Garden City yesterday three different times & when I was in at the beginning after me & Saide had done some watering in the polytunnel/greenhouse we along with Noel, Latta, Marianne were given the task of harvesting the chick peas & at first I was doing it to delicately but then thought this is taking to long & decided to rip them out from the roots which would mean that the beds would be completely empty, the only thming would be to remove the chick peas & divide them into two bowls, one for green & one for brown.

I helped for a bit with that maybe 30 to 40 minutes then I came later in to help out a little & then in my final visit to the place around 6 in the evening I collected loads of chick peas as you can see from the photo below.



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