Afternoon Drawing at Mobile Garden City

I had seen the workshop schedule for a bit & was really looking forward to the afternoon drawing session. I wrote about it on Facebook on the Gardening at Mobile Garden City group & the group is only very new & it only at the moment has 5 people there including me & if you would like to join then please request to join the group & I will accept you.

Back to the Afternoon Drawing I had asked earlier in the day when I had been to the Mobile Garden City to ask what would that involve & was told that composition would be shown. I got there just before 4.30 & then unfortunately I was the only one there which I have to be honest was a bit of a shame, but I thought no matter I have been looking forward to this & thought that I am definately going to do this. Gabby got out this

and then was good explanation about how what we draw is not always what we see, but what we think we see & good 20 minute so talk about that & then as you can see from the picture on the right, made the view finder that used to draw whatever you could see inside that, the only issue I had with it was that when there was a little bit of wind that it would keep falling forwards & then near the end of the session I said to Gabby that could of got of got a few more pieces of bamboo & made a kind of tripod which would distribute the weight more evenly then this, but saying this I enjoyed the session but because of that issue I could only draw one picture which you can see below. I would really like it they could do more, but we all know that the only way that they would do more is that if more people came to it. East Village were very quick in telling people that last Friday’s Growing Asian Vegetables was not happening but I did not see them letting people know about the Afternoon Drawing Session which is a shame & I may very well contact them on Twitter to say why not, but to¬†summarize I had a nice session, like the fact that doing something different & hopefully there will be more of this



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