Cricket (the sport not the insect)

I am not sure what you think about cricket I do enjoy watching it but what I find annoying to be completely honest with you my friend was correct when he said that sports fans or supporters what ever you want to call them.

What I have been disappointing is not the fact that people who talk about cricket never actually ever talk about the real issues in cricket but just airy fairy one’s. My thing is that today at the oval cricket the pakistani player Yasir Shah who is one of the stars of their team & what people who cover the sport for the  media do not want to say is that he was found guilty of taking banned drugs that were on the band list and in other sports like tennis whatever you may think of that sport & how they deal with things, they followed the WADA code of giving Maria Sharapova a 2 year drugs ban & what did cricket that is right they gave him a 3 month ban for taking a banned substance.

The other couple of things that I want to talk about is that as Ian Chappell said that series’s should be an odd number 3, you can play more then 3 but you have to play 3 & any after that do not count towards the rankings, cause sometimes you will have 4 matches in a so called series & sometimes if a higher country is playing against a perceived weaker country they treat them like something that you would find on the bottom of your shoe.

I also feel that if cricket wants to be more global it has to allow more countries to play the game on my full time basis & not allow players to change countries as they want cause they say that from a non test playing nation to a test playing nation people need to see what is happening.


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