Rio Olympics

In this blog I want to talk how for a few days I have been a complete idiot, let me tell you why cause for the first few days I was watching a bit of the Olympic Games & then realised my mistake.

I remember speaking to my friend on Facebook about sports supporters and how they are completely brainwashed and at the time I thought no but since then I have thought about it a lot and realised he is on to something there.

People will not know this but before London submitted their successful bid for the Olympics, Birmingham was considering putting in a bid for the games but the I.O.C said that they would only take bids from Capital Cities, which no matter what is written now about how host cities for the Olympics are chosen is complete rubbish cause where are this years games that’s correct Rio which I know a lot of people think is the capital of Brazil, in fact the capital of Brazil is Brasilia which is 3 times smaller then Rio and that may be the reason it is not the host city for this years games,but that is not the point being that the I.O.C said back in the early 200’s that it would only take bids from Capital cities which it has lied and people are so stupid to not even notice that.


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