East Village Sports Day


In this blog I talk about my visit to the Chobham Manor sports academy center which is about no more then 5 minutes from my house. I wanted to make sure that I got there before midday when it officially started & managed to get there just before.

When I got into the place I walked around a bit before I got started there were different stuff happening as you can see at the bottom of this blog. I had good try at hockey which I have not played for so many years, which I enjoyed & found out some information about joining east London hockey club. I was hoping to play some tennis but the guy decided that would go & then I did get some good information that they have free tennis sessions there & he said that I should come next Sunday at 10am & I think that I am definately going to do that.

I played some Volleyball & played a little bit of mini golf but mainly I played hockey & did this excecise game thing & then the jump thing was falling down & because I am to honest  I had to replace the stupid thing which I absolutely hate but it was O.K the session & then they want to do this prizes thing which was rubbish always the kids, what about the people that don’t have kids, don’t want kids & if f children are the future, we are screwed.


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