Our Parks Sessions

I was going about this on this previous Tuesday but thought to myself I should hold fire on what has been my opinion of Our Parks after me doing a few session. In total I did 3 different activities over 3 days, it was supposed to be 4 but on the second of the days last Wednesday I & two other people where waiting, they waited about 10 minutes & then I waited 20 minutes & then left home & at that time I pure emotion was one of not angry with the instructor but disappointed as parents say to their child.

I did a few different stuff over the few days that I was there on Tuesday it was raining & we did some cardio tennis with a difference not something that I am used to but it was nice  & then met a few people there suzie & theressa & then faris who I had met in June was the coach & then he took the photo’s but still not got them for myself.

The next time I was supposed to do a Our Parks activity which was meant to be handball but after waiting the instructor did not show up. So anyway the next group excercises I did was badminton & volleyball, which before I started was not sure in what order they were. It was a good session but what I did not like was that for the two lowest people they had to do this weird crawling thing which I did not like & not sure if I will go to this guy’s class & not sure if I can measure that in a message to him, which might give him a reason to make me do the forefit & what I might do is around maybe no more then 15 minutes leave.

The nice thing about this was that I met some new people which only meet there but I guess that is a start & then I will continue to do more maybe some different one’s & then I will find what works best for me.


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