Me going to watch West Ham’s first match at the Olympic Stadium


I want to talk about my whole experience. It began a few days ago when I got the email from newham volunteers about the free tickets to the west ham match. I thought to myself that would be nice not for me particularly but for my niece & nephew, so on this past Wednesday I went to the active newham volunteers I got my ticket, I gave my completed bit about I had to sign to say that I had read the terms & conditions. The guy asked for my proof of address but did not have it with me but the guy who was very nice said that he would allow it for now, & then when he handed over the tickets to me, I think that he had to say that legally that now they are my responsiblity & then I got home & showed my niece the tickets & then texted my nephew to check if he can come to the match.

So now we now on the day of the match. I was not sure until around 4 hours before the match exactly who would be going to the match & then it was agreed that it would be me, my nephew, my niece & her dad. I have to be honest going there was a bit of a nightmare I really don’t understand why the other three people decided to take a lift & then it took as a long to get to the edge of the bit that is close to the Aquatics centre for where my nephew’s dad dropped us of. There were a lot of stupid fans who are awful at singing & where idiots & then it did take us a bit of time before we got to the entrance which was ours & then when we got to the part where they check the bags, they said that could not bring in the cans & then my niece & nephew had to drink a little bit of their drink & had to chuck the rest in the bin.

We got in & then my brother& my niece both had to use the toilet & then we had five minutes to get to our seats & then it was not to long a walk to our place we first found out block & then we did not have to walk up the stairs & then we asked the person jusr before we kind of entered the playing area & then when we got there we asked a steward where it was & then we got to our seats & we missed the first 20-30 seconds but then we were ready to begin to watch the match.

It was O.K for the most part but every time west ham scored which they did three times the people as you can see from the photo below got up & then we had to get up cause then we could not see anything. I got bored after about 30 minutes & then it was a bit boring & then was chatting to people behind me & then when west ham scored the third goal we left & then getting out of the stadium was quite easy, but getting out of the olympic park itself was very had it took us 15 minutes & then when we got to the station they were going to make us go up the escalotors but then I was handling it quite well & then my brother piped in & said that we live quite close & that is how we managed to get home quite quickly & he were home around 10pm.

The last thing I have to say is that in the stadium we did not really see people drinking but before we got into the stadium right behind my ear was pretending to sing & if I had been on my own, I definately would have said something to the idiot, I don’t care how passionate you think you are being, you are actually being a prick. We got to the check points & then when the guy looked in my bag he said that not allowed to bring the can’s in & then sorry let me get back to inside the stadium as I was saying nobody was drinking but you know the thing that looks like pens fancy one but they release a big smoke & dies away after a few seconds, & that was happening cause the guy on right in front of me was doing that & then when he was talking to someone he looked higher then the empire state & so I will say something about to them but smoking in the stadium & the fact that why is smoking allowed in the park.


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