VeloPark Velo Studio

Yesterday I went to the Olympic which is not to much of a stressful thing as I only live only 5 minutes. I have to say that I was a little annoyed with the email that I received from them this past Saturday cause it told me that but not the time & in the email it said please arrive 15 minutes before your session but when I went today (1 aug) I said as I was confirming my booking about this email & made a little joke about the fact that how can I possibly come 15 minutes before my session when if it had been a longer time between me booking & me arriving for my session then there may have been more of a problem.

So anyway I have better sense of direction then I had before but kept asking about the stuff & then the girl on the reception counter did say what I had to do with the code. I then found a locker that was accessible & put my stuff in there but then could not at first remember what number of locker it was & then fortunately I managed to find a member of staff who helped me find it & then told me that you have to press in your number a few times a little break between pressing it first & the second time.

Actually once I left the reception area it was pretty easy to find what I was looking for cause the lockers where on the right hand side, & as I said to the guy who helped me with the locker I said that the locker numbers should be in a different colour.

Once I got in there, there were a lot of bikes & I went in there & had to have some help getting on the bike the right height I mean. I did not realise how hard it would be & the fact that I only got 50 minutes maybe cause you had a warm up time before then before it actually stats in earnest, when or if I go again I will know better. I was not sure how hard it would be so after about 30 minutes I was feeling really sweaty & when I was trying to get my water I lost my pedals & it took me a moments to get back on, so I would say that how comes the bikes don’t have a drinks holder which would have been nice. Saying that it really was good cause I was really sweating during the session cause I was not sure the setting to quite put it up & this time around I could not get always to the desired revs per minute apart from the end where I put it in a low gear which allowed me to get to the target but I felt that I was allowed to do that cause I had done a very good session.



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