Start Up Britain Bus

Yesterday I had a few things to do, cause first in the morning I had to go to my doctors appointment & then I thought that I was going to be late & then fortunately I managed to get a lift. So let me get on with the main part of tIhis blog.

At around just after 1pm I decided that I would go to Kings Cross/ St Pancreas station was not sure around 30 minutes before, when I was in the new look East Ham Library & then it took around maybe about 35 minutes and then I got to the station & this was the first time that I had ever gone to the station & what I noticed was that there was a long way from when you go through the gate to the exit & when I got ouf of the station I could not see anything the bus but then I saw a lot of peope minggling in a area in what looked like a bit of a busy place & then I saw the Bus.

Initially speakig to a person was not that helpful cause he did not provide me with any information & then I spoke to a person from the website 123.reg & got some very good information & then I spoke to this guy who had the t shirt saying ask me anything but that guy could not help me & then he pointed me to someone else, while I was waiting to speak to that person this lady saw me & asked me if she could help & then I told her the issues that I was having & she helped a lot about the best way of getting a sales forecast need to ask my potential customers the key questions is how much would they be willing to spend on the items I am selling & abouut getting stock, gave me a number of what I should start with in terms of stock & told her what my business would be, which was good.

I then managed to see the guy from Natwest & thought to myself that I should ask him if he can help me & he was vvery helpful about market trading & about getting me the information about Sales Forecast & he said that I should get that by tuesday.

I was going home & was at the platform & before someone mention that I would not properly be able to get to where I got of from before I waited about 10-15 minutes for a train & then what I did was I got on at Kings Cross & got of at Liverpool which I know for next time is what I should do, I then got of at Leyton & I will definately use that advice that I got from the start up bus & if it had not been to the last 3 people spoke, the net guy, the entrepreneur & the natwest guy it would have been a total waste but because of them it was not.


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