Guiness World Record Attempt

I waited so many years to have an attempt at a guiness world record since watching Kriss Akabusi on Record Breakers in the mid 90’s. Since then I have for over 20 years it must be that I have wanted to set or break or world record. Then I remember a few weeks back that I saw that Muller the yogurt company in conjuction with the Team GB needed people to help break an existing world record which was the most amount of people actively doing an excecise ball class. The record previously was 353 people in an attempt back in 2014 on the good morning breakfast show. I could not at fist find the, details of that, but after that it took me a bit of time to find the details but I did and then I was all set to go.

So then a few days ago, the day of the record attempt. I got back from the Mobile Garden City & then I got there just before 7 thought I was running late but it was O.K & then first what happened was that I had to confirm that I was on the list & then I was asked for a coloure shirt & then I went fot this blue one & then I changed a little bit & then gave my bag into the bag area & then I went into the hall and I got my excercise ball (picture) & then the ball at first was to flat & then got another one & then we had to wait a while & the after an hour we got got going & then the class lasted for 30 minutes & then here are soem photo’s from the event & then we had to wait a little bit to check to see if we had actually brokem the world record & then we managed to do it cause we had done it cause we had 391 people.

I had to wait a bit to get my photo done with Kriss & then eventually managed to get a photo with him & then managed to take the excercise ball with me & then I took a goodie bag & then took some muller light corner which I did not realise had gelatinne & then that is riduclous.






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