Leyton Food Market & Lee Valley Tennis Centre

leyton food marketjpg

I decided that after not going to the Leyton Food Market for quite a while, & I would have to say that my interest was sparked by by dealings recently with the people who are behind the running/organising the weekly market. When I was speaking to them I was encouraged by them not just saying what the East Village Market said that they only do food there, anyway that as I said made me want to have a look around & that is exactly what I did, after having quite a bit of a wonder I managed to take quite a few photo’s which I have since been able to make a video & that video is here (link). I spoke to some nice people including Source of Nutrition & the Cuban guy were very nice & it was good gave me a lot to think about which was good.



I came home & was home for around half an hour & then I decided that I would go to the Lee Valley Tennis & Hockey Centre for the Great British Tennis Weekender, was there for around a couple of hours which was good, I managed to improve a bit of my conversation skills by not just talking to people but remembering to ask them there names. I may see some of them again, the social tennis bit happens there which I may go there once & then hopefully let if I know how it works to use Free Tennis Courts in Stratford & in Leyton, unfortunately I forgot to tkae photo’s but apart from that it was O.K nothing more than that I would say.


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