Volunteering with Park Champions


I had gone to my induction a few weeks ago which I have to be honest was quite boring cause it was a lot of slides for almost 3 hours. Actually I had started last week in Mandevile place in the Olympic Park watering the Fruit trees, it was this week that I volunteered with the rio sports week & got there a few minutes late but then what I hated was that the guy there Graham was talking about the racist football, getting back to me volunteering, was supposed to help until around 3.30 but one of the schools said they did not come & then I helped out with the tennis & then I got a voucher from Adelle for £6 voucher used it later not good next time I will probably bring my own lunch & then that was that, I know that I could have been more helpful cause I have a lot of knowledge but no chance to share it.

Yesterday I volunteered at the great team rally run & then I remember around an hour before checking my email & it said 5pm- till 10pm & then I left around with about 20 minutes to go and then I thought you know what I have enough time to get there got to the Olympic Park no problem then it took me around 20 minutes to get to the bit that I needed to get to. I eventually managed to get there & I signed in & then we got our luch & then I managed to speak to a few people which was good & then I was with this nice guy Rohit & I think he thought that I was indian as well & I was thinking to myself that no point correcting him & then he was talking about how he will be volunteering at the oval for the cricket match between England & Pakistan, in my lunch/dinner bag we got a mars bar, a muffin, a packet of crisps, a sandwitch and a drink, we finished around just before 9 & then it was around a 10 minute walk & then had to sign out & then got another bag & then came home.


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