River Boat Tour & Pranzos


I was planning to do this a few weeks ago on my birthday but the weather got in the way & then I did not have the opportunity or at least I am thinking that I did not think that I would have the energy to do it. So I was feeling better physical health wise compared to the day earlier on Eid when definately I w£.ould say that I was feeling absolute awful. I left home & got there around 25 minutes to 4 & then I got some people who were also waiting for the boat tour to get a photo of me, did not realise until after the time that it was on video but I know that I can easily fix that.

Just before I got on the boat I asked the guy who worked there about that I am a local resident and then managed to get on & paid £8 for the boat trip & then I said that I would get a drink which was a Diet Coke & could not believe that it was £1.50 which I was thinking was a total rip of but I thought I can’t say no then so felt awkward & then that reminds me that if I did go back that I would definately bring my own food & drink.

The guy who was doing the tour was good and I managed to get some very good photo’s & video’s and some stuff that he talked about I did not know, & it was just nice relaxing to be on the boat which I believe where there for around 45 minutes cause we started just before 4pm & finished around 4.41pm. It went well but you could get a sense of that he had nothing to say, when he started talking about him going on an internal indian flight on Spice Airliness & then saying your not from around here are you that they fasting also & those people were from Bangladesh but it was nice nevertheless.

Me going to Pranzos


A few days prior to me going here, my sister, my nephew & my niece went to this place & had some food which they said was nice & they did not have to wait as long as they had to when they went to ZIZUS and I thought that I would treat myself, cause I was going to go the day earlier but after me being at the Mobile Garden City did not feel like going there.

I thought to myself that I would have my dinner in there, & when I got in there I saw the sign & the means to pay & my option did not show up, but I thought what the heck it will work & then I found a spot I liked and then I order this (picture) & was very nice, there you can see I had chips, onion rings, 7 UP & then I had to ask the guy to get my strawbery Ice Cream. This was the first time I had gone to a restaurant by myself & then when I got my food the guy had brought over the sauces with my food & then not the cutlery & then you just pick them yourself which I was clever enough to work that out. I was impressed aprt form the ice cream which they may have thought that I would ask for when I had finished my chips & onion rings but it was good. I thought it was O.K the price at about the £6.95 which I think that the ice cream got most of the brunt of the price, don’t know if you don’t specify that you want more then regular that is the default position. I have to say I liked but kids the parents can not control them pesky kids but I would not do this frequently but as a treat I see nothing wrong with it.


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