My latest visit to the Orbit


Hi there I had to go to the Orbit cause I needed to get a replacement ticket which I unfortunately lost & was panicking over the last few days but I have been speaking to the people at the Orbit on twitter & they have been very helpful & when I went yesterday and the building was closed which it had not been the other day but that is difting of again, what I was saying was that the person I spoke to said that my ticket is on the system & it should be O.K. We then fast forward to a couple of hours ago & made my way to the orbit & just before I got there I saw this thing


& then there was this weird game of snakes & ladders which was a weird & different thing cause what looked like the snakes as you would call them where known as slides & you would go up on them & the stairs would mean that you would go down which was weird, some people where taking selfies did not get that myself cause did not do that myself but it was good & then might do it again to have another time which was nice & the person in the orbit was O.K but was like you could tell he had memorised the hole lot but apart from him being a bit annoying it was good.


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