Links 2 Enterprise

I had booked this course a couple weeks back when unfortunately because it was my birthday I was unable to go on the Princess Trust program which I could not do cause I was just over the age to do it.

I then remember that a few years back I had gone on the Links 2 Enterprise half day course at the Chandos Hub in East London very close to my home, and at that time what I wanted to do as a business is different to what I said then but had a lot written for it not as much as I probably do have now.

Before going yesterday I will be honest with you I was nervous about the Links 2 Enterprise course cause I did not really know what to expect from the course. The only thing that I knew at the time was that it was a 4 day course, which at the time I thought was over 4 consecutive days. I had a little bit of a crazy journey getting there cause at the time I did not realise that the 69 bus itself would take me there. So this is what happened I left home just before 9.15 & luckily I got the bus which was the 69 and then clearly I don’t think I saw the final destination of the bus just got on, had a little chat with a person on the bus & then when I got to Plaistow station I got of & then had a few or so minutes and then I got the 262 bus & then when I got on the bus I asked the bus driver does this bus stop at Barking Road & he said yes so I got there & then the weather was not that great & then luckily again for me I managed to get another bus, so it had taken me close to 40 minutes & I had used three busses., But even saying that I got there with around 10 minutes to go before 10am.

Let us start with the first day of the course, there was a little confusion about what course I was on & then I quickly explained that I was on the Links 2 Enterprise course & then when I got in there, there were already two people there & then the guy that I spoke to very briefly on email Jason came in the room & then we went into the another room which basically was the store room but it was good enough.

The course itself started with Jason telling us how the course would be broken down & then that is when he said that the course would be broken down into 2 parts basically 2 days this week & two days the following week. It went quite quickly about the different stages that you need using the slideshow & it was good quicker then I thought cause we started at around 10 & finished around quarter past 2 & then that was good.

The second we did about the same time but what I did this time was instead of recording it on my phone I used my USB stick that has a built in microphone and then it the day was broken down into 2 parts and managed I think record the audio for that both days were fun & enjoyable learning the stuff. Also we actually got the handbooks as well  & also couple of things that he said was that it was supposed to be next monday & tuesday & then he had not realised that he had it booked something else & then he said that the next session would be in a couple of weeks which is great for me cause I have a deadline to work towards which is good & he mentioned that they would have some sort of trading thing in westfield and said to him definately want to go for that & then something that I forgot to ask him is that could we be reimbursed for our travel not sure on that one but hopefully will be able to do that, nonetheless I know that I have a lot to get on with.


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