Active Minds Cafe in Stratford Library

I have done a few volunteering roles as part of active newham volunteers & it was last week that I thought that I would apply to volunteer for the active minds cafe that takes place in Stratford library. The last time I went there was for as part of the Mental Health Awareness Week & I got the information when I was at the doctors surgery & managed to pick up the leaflet. This time there was the board and is just as you are leaving the library & there is no other thing to advertise this is happening & then I would have remembered myself cause I took a photo of the day & that is how I would of remember if I had not been volunteering. I got there a little late 15 minutes late & then I spoke to the person who was in charge & then I had to take some boxes & then I signed in & then I had to cut some papers & then the stuff started at midday & then I was speaking to the film crew who were covering it & I could not understand why we were stuck in the corner, it should have been were it was for the last time. There were a few activites first there was some singing for the ASK Hestia people & then there was some confidence workshop & then it was supposed to run until 2 but at around 10 past 1 the person in charge was saying to a library staff member that she has to go & can he help clear everything up, & then around 1.20 everything had been cleared up & then I signed out just before 1.30 & then just left & then she was still there chatting to some people & that was a lie from her cause she was still there. It was O.K but quite boring if I am honest cause I believe the reason for that was that this time it was stuck in the corner out of the way & not easy for people to see what was happening it was quite poorly planned, I did not say that but the guy I have seen volunteer a lot the grey haired guy was saying it, I felt the same way but I did not feel that I could say anything about it cause I have done a few volunteer roles, rather then him who I guess has volunteered 100’s of times. Thanks for reading I just wanted to write about this, next time I will writing about the difficulty in finding Mental Health help.


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