Hockey Champions Trophy

In this blog I will be talking about my time at the Hockey Champions Trophy that taking place at the Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis centre in the Olympic Park. I arrived at the park itself around just around half past 3 in the afternoon & then it only took me a few minutes to get to the Welcome sign see WELCOME.jpg picture, when I got there I there was a bag check & then just past that there was a guy who scanned the tickets & that was not the last of the checks cause when I got a bit further along there was another security person who had a quick check of my ticket & I said that two people have already checked my ticket & then he said that people could jump over the barriers & then I finally made it into the complex.

The first I did when I got into the complex itself was I went into the Investec Hockey room kind of thing & did the battak & then I had my photo taken& then played some croquet & got this Cuddly Zebra IMG_20160611_162502[1].jpg & then left the place & got these two things IMG_20160611_161817[1].jpg (Picture) & then headed into the venue & took quite a few photo’s to many to put write here but you can see them if you click this link  Facebookthat goes to Facebook where I have put the pictures. I enjoyed most of the event apart from this guy who got there with his 3 female friends & he had been drinking & got a bit arsey with me not sure what was going on but I got some audio which I will with a bit of more audio will turn that into a good YouTube video.


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