My Birthday


Yesterday was my birthday and in today’s vlog I write about my birthday and how it went later on I will write about how my Birthday Cake that I made on Sunday & finished on Monday was received by the other members of the household. Everyone else in the house was fasting as the month of Ramadan begin the day previously which I had kep that fast, but I told everyone (mum) that I would not be keeping fast on that day but I kind of was up. I then decided that I would go for a walk & then it walked for around an hour & then came back & then my mum said get a haircut but the shop was shut came home, got some Quality Street chocolates which I have had one the Strawberry one & then I was trying to book for the orbit but run out of credit on my phone & then I made my way very close to the Orbit & remembered that I had left important information at home & then had to go back but when I got there the weather had taken a turn for the rain & then I was having a nice time chatting & was helping them a little bit & then I decided to go into the Orbit & still purchased the annual ticket for £8  which I will be using it for the first time tomorrow the weather should be good and should be able to get loads of photo’s. I then came home & showed the ticket that I purchased for the orbit & then Saima (Sister in Law) said is it O.K to pick up Aizah my niece & I said O.K but then I got a phone call from Saima that did not have to pick up Aizah before I left can’t remember she said 6.30 I thought it was 7 so I could not of got there any chance. I forgot to mention that I went into Westfield in Stratford & went to the Menkind shop & bought this . I then got my Free Krispy Kreme Donut, I opted for the Chocolate Custard donut. I then thought that I would pop into Morrison’s and use my free hot drink offer did that & also went for

(picture) & then I thought that this place has wifi but no luck with that my tweet them about that. The only kind of other issue I had was about the lack of air conditioning which I have to mention. I got home & I took a few phone calls which was O.K & then I cut a slice of my cake CAKE that I made  & they liked it so it was good and love this thing that twitter did (picture). I also got some nice messages on social media which was very nice.


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